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I really do wsth the tourism industry would make a comeback in Egypt. Not only because it will really help the economy, but because this is an intensely interesting place that I think everyone should see at least once.


I think it's important for the world to see the historic architechture, the beautiful mountain ranges in Sinai, the iconic Red Sea, and the impressively massive place that present day metropolitan Cairo has evolved into throughout the millenium.


I say millenium although the actual city of Cairo was established in 1168, because it's metro area encompasses Giza and its Great Pyramids which are estimated to be about 4,500 years old. It doesn't take long for anyone living here to understand that geographics have long forced life in Egypt to thrive along the Nile. As you travel away from the central areas of Cairo, and the Nile, you realize that Egypt is but a desert, void of most forms of life. You may reason that many people have lived in the same little pockets along the Nile throughout the ages, and despite being conquered in wars, afflicted by plagues or otherwise, for some reason it has never been abandoned.




Area: 1.01 million kmĀ²


Population: 90m+ with over 1/3 (that's more than 25 million) residing in the captial city, Cairo.


And that's where I call home.

There'll always be postcards (well, maybe not, the world has become very digital), but movies will most likely be around for a good while longer, I expect the world will suffer no shortage of enthusiastic photographers and of course, the tourism industry does a great job of promoting any destination through carefully planned out marketing.


I'm not a skilled photographer. I point and click, then pray that the awesomeness of what I see with my naked eyes somehow gets translated into the photograph. While I have this listed as an improvement to be made as part of my future ambitions, I will do my best right now to achieve what this blog is meant to do - to show you some of Egypt from a point of view you'll never otherwise see it.

Egyptian Arabic


Who likes to be stuck inside the house, fearing that if they venture out they'll be misunderstood, confused, lost?


Nobody, that's who!


Do you know how there are some people that immigrate from their home countries and never learn the new language -or customs- in the place they've moved to? While some people might have legimate reasons for not learning the language it's sad and frankly, wasteful. There is no way that they can really experience their new home to the fullest while shutting out the majority around them. They also lose out on oppotunties to share their own customs and cultures from home with others.


Learning a new language gives you the opportunity to broaden your mind and communicate on a completely different level. It empowers you, and makes you able to do much more.


Whether you plan on travelling or just want to learn for fun - and either way -it's fun, join me in my journey to becoming fluent in my third language - Arabic!

While the base for the Egyptian dialect of Arabic is standard, there are some major differences between it and other dialects, including some grammar and pronounciation differences. However, Egypt's highly influential media and well travelled population have made it's dialect the most understood and recognizable of all spoken dialects. If you plan on travelling to Egypt or want to learn more about the language, follow me to the Egyptian Arabic page.


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